I began to dig into my darkest thoughts to finally find the light
It was when I had nothing left that I finally made things right
With my back against the wall I forced my hand with a Trump card
When I averted my eyes from the path you took it as a disregard
I just had to be selfish a little while longer to get over my ego
Through introspection I will find the right way, te lo digo


Jeu de mots

Let me be Frank, I’m here just to do it my way
Trying to purse-you my passion and not a payday
Ignoring the mainstream battling the current trends
To comply with the road to success is to find a dead-end
Unlike anything I see on my screen, I do let the sun in
I took baby steps to success, now I am in the running
I want the recognition to show on my face like software
I want my abnegation to help those in need like welfare
Lines that get you high through your ears not your nose
Is all I aim to achieve as I lay my own thoughts in prose


Sister sister I see you walking up the street with your head down.

Sister sister is it me and my brother causing that unfortunate frown

Do you feel safe and sound when walking past the opposite gender

Is there value in the eyes of a patriarchy whose superiority is slender

Are we listening to your words as part of an equal conversation

Learning from our mistakes is proving to be a slow conversion


As our world fragments I fail to pick up the pieces
In a world of agony aunts I feel for the many nieces
Oppression and depression skew our common progress
Empathy and understanding is hard to muster in distress
Walk a thousand miles in my shoes to get deep in my soul
Resting on my sleeve, it was mine who’s heart she stole
Deflection of rejection should never be the way to cope
Acceptance of tolerance should be a heartbreak’s only scope

La toure

The only thing certain in this short life is death

That is why I pen this so I don’t waste my last breath

Are my actions in this world just cognitive behaviour

Does it explain the ills and thrills of my addictive behaviour

Do I blame it all on me personally or is it my ancestry

If I vow to change are these hollow as those of a monastery

Master of my own will or are those strings of a higher power

Reaching for god I quickly tumble down babel’s tower